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Windows 95/98 VGA-NTSC driver for DSN-300

In the sparse manual that comes with the DSN-300 they tease us with description of the machine's ability to convert your PC's VGA signal to NTSC. This just requires the drivers on the disk they say...but the disk is no where to be found.

Thanks to the great detective work by Mike Davis, he figured out that the Chrontel driver #7001, found at their original site http://www.chrontel.com/Software.html#7001 is what is needed. He noted "...at the top of the screen, pictured [in the manual], was CH7001. The 7001 is the converter chip they(Chrontel) use."

The web site indicates this driver is windows 95 and 98 only. No NT, or other platforms, supported.

I have not tried it, and can make no solid claims about if it works or not. And, reports from Mike indicate that the driver requires you to set your PC display to 16 colors and perhaps a limited set of recommended resolutions. Still, it may be of value to you. If anyone tries it an learns more, please let me know and I will embelish this page.

Just in case this goes offline some day, here is the info:

CH7001 Utility Software, Version 4.2 Captured Info (please check here first)
 Chrontel’s TV encoder software support creates a complete TV output system solution. The CH7001 utility software provides a Windows application program that enables control of display modes and screen positioning. The Windows driver operates under Windows 95 or Windows 3.1. A DOS application program is also provided which can enable the TV output function and provide for screen positioning. This version of utility software supports several of the most popular VGA controller chips, including:
Cirrus S3 Trident  ATI Tseng
GD5426 Trio32  TVGA8900C Mach64GX  ET4000 
GD5428 Trio64 TVGA9000A Mach64CT ET4000/W32P 
GD5429 Trio64V+ TVGA9000B  ET6000
GD5430  Trio64V2 TVGA9000I
GD5434 Virge  TGUI9440 Alliance C&T 
GD5440 VirgeDX TGUI9680 6410 65554 
GD5446 Virge/VX 6424 
GD5464 ALI
GD5480 M3147V

Use of the CH7001 version 4.2 utilities requires the following steps:

1) Download the self-extracting file, ‘7001.exe’, into local hard disk storage

2) Place a blank formatted floppy diskette into the floppy drive.

3) Bring up the DOS prompt on your screen.

4) Move to the download directory containing the downloaded file

5) Enter 7001 and the files will automatically unzip into floppy drive.

Alternatively, I have a zipped copy of the files here.

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