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If you read English, and view NTSC, then I recommend that you update your software to the latest Daewoo version by using the web browsers to go to the URL given below. What? You can't use your Internet browser on the Daewoo since you somehow destroyed it? Well then read here about maybe rebuilding it.

WARNING: all pages at this site, refer to the Daewoo unit DSN-300. Just like updating the Daewoo to the Teknema OS trashed my DSN-300 system, so update of some other system to the DSN-300 system might not go well (and other systems might not have a built in OS to boot into, so be sure to try an internal system boot before you do anything). One WebPal user writes: "Went thru the hassle of updating to the [Update URL] but now I've got a black screen unit. ... Tried powering on with the SW2 held down, no go.   Essentially I have a great paperweight with a infra-red remote and infra-red keyboard.".

The latest system software release is very much like the shipping GreenTech system, it just works better. The only drawback is that this newer release does dedicate and extra line at the bottom of the screen to show info (less efficient use of the screen). However, I enjoy the line and find everything else to be the same, just enhanced to work better.

BEFORE YOU UPADATE, I recommend booting your system from the built in system, just to be sure you can do it, in case something goes wrong during the update. Information about how to start a "dead" DSN-300 unit is here. If you can't start the built-in system, then you may wish to consider leaving well enough alone.

Where? --- http://forus.com:9361/0313.erx

In June of 1999 the best known Daewoo software update at "http://members.iworld.net/dwitv3/ntsc/" was removed. Why "DWITV" (a client of the ISP IWorld) would do such a thing, just to harm us for no apparent reason, is beyond me. I have tried to poke around their site, but it is in a language/format I can't decipher.

Fortunately, I had a copy stashed away like a good computer hacker. So, on July 22, 1999, I placed a copy of the last system update, http://forus.com:9361/0313.erx on my web server. Note: this 0313.erx is English NTSC version only (DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU ARE PAL, it does not support PAL!). Sorry, that is all I have. You just "goto" the URL above and it downloads an 800Kish update. The redundant ":9361" is required (this is a complex technical issue, described here, and it will bore you so don't bother). If your machine hangs "looking up daewoo.forus.com", then you may have bad DNS setup, and you can try connecting directly to "" ( is "daewoo.forus.com", and is valid as of Aug 23, 1999). Or, better yet, try using the DNS server ""). The document 0313.erx is a copy of the system I stashed away before they took it away from us at "http://members.iworld.net/dwitv3/ntsc/". I have tried this with my system and it worked fine. Please let me know by mail to csm@forus.com if it works, or does not work for you. If enough people tell me that it works, I will update this page, and the rest of the site, to point all users to this new download.

- I have heard from one user about the http://daewoo.forus.com/*daewoo.forus.com/0313.erx download on this site. Thanks to the user (John Gulow), who corrected me on an erroneous URL that I posted. He reports:

...the Daewoo with the new software is working just fine. It accesses my local ISP just fine...I can do my email activities OK. The Internet Yahoo home page is a little different, but since many Internet things start with Yahoo anyway, I guess it was not such a bad choice.  The Favorites [Bookmarks] work just fine too.
- Another user reports that they updateed to 0313.erx, but their system was PAL and they just got a black screen. Afterwards, they were having a hard time rebuilding their machine.

At any rate,  if you have tried it, please let me know. Again, it works fine on my box.

Alternatives: Some other systems have been found online, but none have proven usefaull as far as I know. More information here.

DO NOT UPDATE TO TEKNEMA SYSTEM, it doesn't work and you have to rebuild your system, READ HERE.


Why update? Because GreenTech discontinued support for the shipping system's software back in 1997 according to their techincal support by phone, and so far will offer no technical support. I have sent mail to the contact address "engineering@greentech.com" listed on the web page, and directed it to "Alex", the president. I asked if we could work something out that might help us lost soles help ourselves. Mail was sent Jan 7, 1999, and no response has come back. I have had other users report the same sort of results. Once seeing this new system, I agree that it basically looks like it is simply a variation on the GreenTech system, either derived from it, or they both came from the same origins.

8/15/99 - NEWS! New software in development for DSN-500/700 (NOT DSN-300)! (more info here)

I have sent the following message to "dwitv3@nuri.net"

Subject: Daewoo USA, lost our only known life line!
Date:  Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:09:01 -0400
From:  "Cris Mooney" <csm@forus.com>
Organization:  Jump Development Group
To:  dwitv3@nuri.net


A number of us in the US had one, and only one, lifeline to an operating
system that would work on our unsupported Daewoo Set Top Boxes (also
called Green Net.TopBox & iNet.Top.Box), which was at your site...and
now it's gone! Help!

We have a small web site at "http://daewoo.forus.com" where we have
collected information to help us make use of our boxes, despite that
fact that there is no support. And, we had discovered a system that
worked at "http://members.iworld.net/dwitv3/ntsc/0313.erx". This was our
only salvation, and now it has disappeared. Was having this file
available hurting someone?

If there is any way you can continue to make that file available on your
server, or give me whatever information is required to publish it on my
server (IIS 4), then I would be very appreciative. We are not begging
for support, just the ability to use what has already been built. Why
throw out someone's good work?

Please take a couple seconds to visit our site at
"http://daewoo.forus.com" so you can understand our objectives and

I appreciate any help you can offer.

Cris Mooney


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