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It won't start anymore?

As a last ditch effort to get my Daewoo to work, rather than have to return it, I tried to update to other system software for the same fundamental hardware design. Since GreenTech has discontinued support for the OS, and since the latest update from www.GreenTech.com did not solve my inability to get things to work, I put two and two together from what I could find out and located the URL for the OS updates at Teknema. I then visited this site via the Daewoo browser, and clicked on the link to Teknema PPP NTSC release Mon Jun 1 18:12:29 PDT 1998. Bad idea! It downloaded, asked me if I wanted to "write Flash Memory" (update the installed system), then told me to restart. When I restarted the unit, I got a blank black screen. I cold restarted plenty of times - nothing, invalid system. Since there was no system, and no floppy drive, it was a useless black box to me (though not damaged). I was going to return it, but then I was saved...

Rebuilding a dead system

Should you have installed a bad system, or otherwise killed it, you may be able to restore!

At first, I went through all the hoops to get the RMA, but then...

I was informed by William Woods how to start the "dead" unit:

  1. Turn off your box (power off on the keyboard is OK).
  2. Hold in the small white button in labeled "A/S" on the middle back of the unit during power on (power on the keyboard). Note this button is very small, and does not stick out off the back of the unit (see diagram below). You need to look at the back, and depress it with something small.
  3. Let out the button (you may have to wait a few seconds before letting out the button)
PAL WARNING: it is possible that the built-in system is NTSC only! I do not have a PAL monitor, but one user with PAL reported difficulty starting the built-in system. If you are PAL, please check that you can boot the built-in system before trying anything fancy (and let me know if it works).

If you follow these steps, you will start a built-in (Read Only Memory - ROM) system called "Albatros". The starting screen will be titled "Daewoo Internet Television" and shows four large white squares with labels in each square (Internet, E-Mail, Setup, and BBS) as well as Help in the lower left. This system will run until you start again, and will have no effect on your installed system (in Flash Memory). To clarify, if you shut down and start up again, you may either hold in the button again to get the built-in system again, or just wait normally to get what ever system you have installed.

After starting the built-in system, click on the lower left square "Setup" to configure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) phone number, user name, password, and use "advanced" to enter a DNS entry (required to browse). All this information should have been provided by your ISP. If you do not have a DNS number, try "". Click "done", and  without restarting click on the "Internet" box to dial the internet and start a web browser. Sometimes, I have had to restart and dial a dozen times before it connect properly - probably because of a busy ISP, which I do not think the built in system handled well. Yep, an hour of effort. So you may be better to try this during less busy ISP hours.

Once on the Internet, you can use the "goto" key on your keyboard to update your installed system to http://daewoo.forus.com/*daewoo.forus.com/0313.erx, as described on the update page. NOTE: If a download page is automatically presented to you and offers to download v1.3 of the software when you connect to the Internet, don't do it unless you read some eastern dialect - screen shots here. By the way, those moving things you see when you connect to the internet are Albatros flying in the clouds.

Diagram: Showing The A/S Clear Startup Button

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