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June 9, 2001

The information on this web site is getting fairly old, and so you should use it with great care. There is a lot of info, and it might still be of use to someone, so I am leaving it online. However, please be careful!

More specifically, I have not looked at my own Daewoo unit for over a year, and there has not been any significant contemprorary response from other Daewoo owners.

Danger: some users have tried to apply some of this information to other similar "set-top-boxes", and some have had very bad luck doing so. Please keep in mind that this is just a page of information I have gathered pertaining to the one DSN-300 I own, and the information may or may not bne of value to other box owners. For example, one WebPal user wrote: "Went thru the hassle of updating to the [Update URL] but now I've got a black screen unit. ... Tried powering on with the SW2 held down, no go.   Essentially I have a great paperweight with a infra-red remote and infra-red keyboard". So please be careful!

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