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Only a few of people have contacted me so far about the "WebPal" unit. They are:

Each owns (or did own) a WebPal unit, and none has indicated great happiness. Perhaps they have figured something out, or perhaps you can work with them if you need help.

On the mailing list, "William Woods" <> wrote (you can read his
full post online at here):

>Now, in terms of the Newcom ( Webpal,  the
>jury is still out on future upgrades.  A call to their Tech Support  line
>reveals that the company *is* still actively supporting the product  and
>would be releasing future upgrades; however, my e-mail to their  support
>dept. produced a reply that stated they could not "confirm or  deny" if
>their software engineers would be releasing any future  upgrades.

In direct mail to me, "Ray" <>

>I don't know if your still interested in this, but I own
>a Newcom Webpal. I'm not to happy with them or the
>box. First, I was never able to contact them regarding
>the problem's I've had. Such as e-mail locks if to big,
>tiny tiny memory 4MB DRAMM 1MB FlashROM, then
>there's the cheap version of Mozilla browser, to many
>to keep going. I guess just to surf the net it's cool.
>I also got a few on a good deal $30 each. [...]

Also In direct mail to me, "Richard King" <> wrote:

>I can't tell you much about WebPal since I haven't got it to work.  I have
>been unable to get a response from NewCom and it looks like they are going
>out of business.
>The WebPal was suppose to work with earthlink but I haven't been able to
>get on the teknema server although I connect to the local modem.
>Oh yes, my normal provider - worldnet, did tell me it would not work with
>them because the protocols did not match up.

And he cotinued on June 21, 1999...

I have recently found out that for
Teknema to release the repair for the Newcom boxes. They
need a retailer to buy 1000 minimum of these fix it kit.
He mentioned that a larger SIMM chip from them, would
allow us to download the software repairs after.

That's all I have to offer.

Good luck,
Cris Mooney

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