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Wireless Keyboard, 33.6 Kbps Modem
Manufacturer's Part #: DSN-300A
Software: (product page)
Hardware: Technema, more info @Ruel, and Technema
Also called: Green Net.TopBox & iNet.Top.Box

The Daewoo provides:

Diagram: The back of the box

What can you upgrade?

  • System Software: Read the update page here.
  • Modem: I have not heard of anyone doing it yet, but you may be able to put in a faster modem. William Woods reports the shipping modem is the YES-336CL by PC-Round, a Korean Company which was located by Zachary Kinloch as being at this web site, (however, I can't read Korean). William Woods felt they might no longer be in business, and from the web site I can't tell.

  • If you upgrade the software, a setup dialog lets you fill in a modem initialization string which implies you may be able to use any normal modem. However, it is very hard to get into where the modem is (below), and physical size requirements might come into play. Let me know if you find out where to by a faster PC-Round modem, or if you find another modem works.
  • Memory: One user reported that no other combination of RAM worked. However, theoretically, any 72 Pin EDO SIMM,  60NS or faster should work, with a max size of 64MB according to the specifications on the original Daewoo box. Does the system software support this? Let me know if you find out.
  • KILL THE DIALING SOUND: With the upgraded software you may be able to disable the modem sound by sending an initialization string in the setup's modem configuration, but I did not try this. According to Ken Ballo, the Hayes compatible init string for sound is m#, where "#" is 0-9. Thus, m0 (m-zero) appended to the init string would shut up the sound. Instead, I tore the box appart and pulled off the little round cylinder that makes the sound. To do this you have to open the box and pull off the motherboard, like described below for the modem access. Then, you will see a little black cylinder coming off the bottom of the motherboard in the corner, with a silver center on the top. Just pull it off and the damn thing will shut up (pleasing your wife if you are a husband).
  • Getting Inside
    1. Remove the screws on the sides and the top comes right off.
    2. Memory and stuff is immediately visible.
    3. If you want to get to the modem (or speaker), it is underneath...

    Detailed info I have collected...

    GreenTech discontinued support for the OS back in 1997 according to their techincal support by phone, and so far will offer no technical support. I have sent mail to the contact address "" listed on the web page, and directed it to "Alex", the president. I asked if we could work something out that might help us lost soles help ourselves. Mail was sent Jan 7, 1999, and no response has come back. Update to Daewoo's OS instead, read here.

    Note that the things I have maked in RED are only what I have discovered; simply because something is not marked in RED does not mean that it works.

    The rest of this is cut from the web page, for future reference.

    AT A GLANCE...

    The Daewoo Internet TV appliance is a powerful, inexpensive information appliance that enables effective access to the Internet World Wide Web and Electronic Mail using a standard television set and infrared remote control. Featuring an open architecture based on Internet standards, Internet TV is used with any Internet connection or TV-centric service. It connects to a variety of TV interfaces, including NTSC and PAL.

    Pre-configured to connect to an Internet access provider with its built-in 33.6 Kbps modem, Internet TV comes in a package that requires no installation and guarantees great ease of use, bringing the information available on the WWW to the convenience of the living room, at an affordable cost. Critical to this favorable cost differential between the Daewoo product and existing multimedia PCs or NCs, are the compact software and its minimalist hardware design philosophy, the limited memory requirements, and the use of the sophisticated ARM microprocessor technology designed by Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. (ARM) as a base for the design. The device does not require any local mass storage and includes a PC card slot (NO FREE PC CARD SLOT) that allows users to plug in additional boards and expand its functionality (<-USED BY MODEM?). A wireless keyboard is used to interact with Internet TV. The unit is equipped with a smart card reader that allows consumers to make purchases or do financial transactions on-line (NO SMART CARD READER). Support for low-cost ink-jet color and black and white printers is also incorporated.

    • ISP independent 
    • No proprietary protocols and no server-side software required 
    • TCP/IP 
    • PPP dialer 
    • PAP and CHAP user authentication protocols 
    • Proxy server support available 
    • Remote Internet set-up 
    • Fast ARM 32-bit RISC processor 
    • Parallel port for HP printers 
    • ISO 7816 SmartCard reader (WRONG)
    • Multi-standard TV (NTSC, PAL) 
    • Flicker-free display 
    • Composite video output 
    • S-Video output 
    • SCART connector with RGB 
    • Stereo Audio, L/R RCA connectors 
    • Network Interfaces: 
      • 33.6/56 Kbps built-in modem, or 
      • Ethernet 10 Mbps, or (not this unit)
      • ISDN at 64/128 Kbps (not this unit)
    Web Browser
    • HTML 3.2 compliant (MAYBE)
    • Full frames support (WRONG)
    • Favorites/Bookmarks 
    • Security: Secure Socket Layer (SSL 3.0) and public-key encryption (WRONG)
    • Client and server side authentication 
    • X.509 certificates 
    • JavaScript (DOUBTFUL)
    • Cookies (WRONG)
    • Off-line browsing (WRONG)
    • Integrated Web search feature 
    • Go To and Fast Go To 
    • Printing on color and B/W HP printers 
    • Inline image (GIF, JPEG, XBM and animated GIF) (EVEN FAILS SHOWING SOME GIFS)
    • Audio Player (WAV, AU) 
    Electronic Mail
    • Full featured built-in text editor 
    • Standard Internet Protocols (POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP) (MAYBE, I CANT GET IT TO WORK)
    • Off-line editing and reading (WRONG)
    • Multimedia mail 
    • Address book 
    • Up to 4 separate email addresses (ALL INTO ONE INBOX)
    • Integrated search function for email addresses 
    • Multiple folders 
    • Printing on color and B/W HP printers 
    • Support for Korean, Japanese character encoding (JIS, SJIS, EUC) and Chinese character encoding (Big5, GB)
    • Localized power supply 
    • Localized telephone plug 
    This product is Brand New and includes the following warranty:

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