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 New DSN-500/700 software under development
(August 1999)

Update Feb 13, 2000 - I received a DSN-500 demo unit from MaruSys, via DHL; the manual is still only in Korean so there was nothing for me to evaluate in that respect. The unit started up fine and the screens are as shown below. I was able to send email, and after I downloaded a fresh system unsing the built in OS it worked wonderfully. You can change the home page, and all sorts of stuff! I have provided extensive feedback to MaruSys and will post something more as soon as I learn anything about availablity. Also MaruSys has created a web site here, and a page that touches upon the DSN-500 here. Their web page says they moved at the end of Nov, and this probably explains why there has been extra delay with development of this unit.

Marusys is a new Korean startup that has appeared on the Daewoo scene recently. They are well into development of a new operating system for Daewoo DSN hardware. This new system will support contemporary needs  like a Netscape 4/Internet Explorer 4 level browser (including SSL & cookies), IMAP, and offline browsing and email. More specifications are available in the current brochure that Marusys sent me; you can see the brochure here.

The new software is being created using an advanced development environment that provides power to accomplish these goals within a reasonable time period. This development environment will also result in a more advanced, stable and efficient system, since it leverages existing tools. In the short period of time is has been in development, it is already yielded fruit. We can see that an efficient control at the bottom of the screen displays full controls when you click 

(as the brochure shows, english is supported)

Sadly for current DSN-300 owners, support for these advanced features requires more power than their old machines have. In specific, the 1MB Flash Memory (where the system software lives) of the DSN-300 is insufficient for the operating system. The old system is about 800K, and the new one may be about double that size. Moreover, the processor of the 300 unit is almost half the speed of the newer units.

However, the modern DSN units provide the same ISP independant features as the DSN-300, and the software continues to utilize screen space well. So, maybe DSN-300 owners will be interested in updating. That is to say that what we all bought in hopes that it was a great alternative to the ISP trapping WebTV, may have new life. New entrants to the market, and those that can upgrade, may see the future return. Click here to view a picture of the DNS-500.

On August 14, 1999 Marusys sent me a demonstration of the current verion of the software. This was possible despite my not having a DSN-500 unit, since the advanced development environment allows them to generate a version of the software that runs on my Windows PC. Running this demonstration it was clear that this project is well under way, and that the new software will be a vast improvement. Of special note was use of tabbed windows and pull down menus in the the system settings, all contemporary programming methods that indicate this product is looking forward not backward:

Marusys has indicated their desire to ship me a DSN-500 unit within the month. This is a good indication that the system may well be nearing final stages. It is possible that within a few months their might be something new available on the market. However, this is my preliminary guess, and Marusys has not yet filled me in on a specific time table.

I will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.

Contact Information for Marusys:
KUMSUNG Bldg.,4F, 355-29,SeoKyoDong, MapoKu, Seoul, Korea 121-210
Tel : 82-2-324-2513 Fax : 82-2-338-2528
State of the Art Web browser for Embedded System

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