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Subject : Specific system setup directions
From: "Michael Cassidy" <mike889@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1999

Boot up the box.  At the sign on screen click on the right box I think
it says setup.  Once you get the next menu, click on the middle left box
that says SERVER.  Enter your primary and secondary DNS.  If you use a
PROXY SERVER enter the proxy server's DNS address.  If your ISP uses a
TIME SERVER enter the time server's DNS IP address.  Then click on the
OK or ENTER button & you reset the DNS info.  Now, click on the top
botton & enter your ISP name, ISP phone number, USER ID to logon, and
your password, then click the enter or ok button & you are done!  Then,
reboot the box & click on the radio button to select the ISP you want to
dial into and go surf the net.

Michael Cassidy

P.S. If you know the IP address of a good time server that will allow
the e-mail I send with the Daewoo net.top.box to be sent with the
current date instead of 1/1/97, let me know at mike889@hotmail.com
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