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Subject : Re: Overruling default parameters on a Teknema SetTopBox
From: Cris Mooney <csm@ForUS.COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:45:32 -0500

>The Set-Top-Box I purchased is the one with the brand name  Teknema.

In attempting to upgrade my Daewoo box I did stumble across a page at
"http://www.teknema.com/easy/teknema" that had Teknema operating systems.
You go to that page and click on a system to upgrade. DAEWOO OWNERS DO NOT
UPDATE TO THESE SYSTEMS (they do not run on the Daewoo box; it trashed my
Daewoo system, and I had to reset to the built in ROM operating system by
holding down the red button on the back during startup; see
"http://daewoo.forus.com/sad.html"). However, Teknema users MIGHT
be able to use the URL above. I would first recommend savaging the
"http://www.teknema.com" site to be sure that there is no other
"authorized" OS release first.

Good luck,
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