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Subject : Overruling default parameters on a Teknema SetTopBox
From: "MICHAEL PLANCHART" <michael@prosistemas.com> (by way of Cris Mooney)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 16:07:20 -0500

       I purchased one of these boxes to test and  develop intranet
software that we target for non-ISP applications.  I have  been able to use
it, but I have encountered some trouble: first, the ISP has  pre-recorded
some parameters, such as a selectable list of phone numbers to  there
different connection zones, the 1st and 2nd DNS addresses, and the proxy
server.  By accident I managed to erase them and introduce my own, but then
in an attempt to re-verify and after reloading the factory defaults,  I
lost them and I since haven't been able to erase the ISP's parameters. Is
there  a special combination of keys that are used to achieve this, such
as:  CTRL-ALT-???   I would really appreciate your help on this  matter.  
Michael Planchart PROXSYS, C.A.
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