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Subject : Will Holland NetTopBox work in Cyprus?
From: "Haaksman Jeannine" <jeannine.haaksman@icl.nl>
Date: 29 Apr 99 08:05:20 +0100

My name is Jeannine Haaksman and I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine.
She lives in Cyprus and is very interested in the Daewoo netbox. However, this 
box is not for sale in Cyprus but only in Holland (where we are from). The 
problem is that she and I cannot find anyone who will confirm that a netbox 
bought in Holland will work when used in Cyprus. Do you have any idea if this is 
the case? I copied all your information from Internet and sent it to my friend.
She will show it to people working in a computer shop - hoping they will 
understand and confirm that the netbox can be used over there as well, but maybe 
you can also help us.

see ya,
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