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Subject : Welcome to the SetTopBox mailing list
From: Cris Mooney <csm@ForUS.COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:13:40 -0500


This message is the first on a new "Daewoo" Set Top Box mailing list that I
created today. I automatically subscribed you since I have had some contact
with you about the Daewoo Set Top Box - probably as a result of my web page
at "http://daewoo.forus.com".

Currently there are 10 subscribers to this list, so it shouldn't be so
verbose as to bother you yet. However, you may remove yourself from the
list by sending mail "To: List-Request@forus.com", with "Subject:
unsubscribe SetTopBox". As a URL, which you may be able to click on, that
would be:


You may also get list email in a digest form, which is mailed out once a
day, by sending a message "To: List-Request@forus.com", with "Subject:
subscribe digest SetTopBox". As a URL, which you may be able to click on,
that would be:


If you have sent mail directly to me, I have not shared it with the other
individuals on the list (unless it was already added to the web page at
"http://daewoo.forus.com"). So, if you think your information is
valuable, you might consider posting it to the list now.

The purpose of this list is to let us all communicate about issues relating
to the Daewoo Set Top Box. The list is not moderated -- you post it and
everyone sees it. So...

PLEASE be considerate, and careful, when posting messages to our list
   - Your mail message is going to MULTIPLE users.
   - Only messages of general interest to all users should be posted.
   - Spell checking, full sentences, and few acronyms is nice.
   - If you have problems with other users' post(s), please contact
     <csm@forus.com> and ask Cris to handle it.
   - You should not send large messages or attachments.

   * If your message requires complex atachments and/or great detail,
   * please consider mailing directly to: <csm@forus.com>, or post
   * that interested users can contact you directly for more information.

You post by sending your message to "SetTopBox@forus.com". Note that you
can only post with email from an email address that has been "subscribed".
If you want to be able to post by sending mail from some another address,
you will have to subscribe with that address as well.

This list is served using Mikael Hansen's free "AutoShare" software on the
Mac. The AutoShare home page is at "http://www.dnai.com/~meh/autoshare".

Cris Mooney
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