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Set Top Box Mailing List Log - 30 Subscribers
Updated Apr 29, 10:46AM

Apr 29, 99-Jeannine Haaksman: Will Holland NetTopBox work in Cyprus?
Mar 20, 99-Jason Millert: tv corder (where is DOSNTSC.EXE)?
Mar 20, 99-William Woods: No disk came with the box; DOSNTSC.EXE is not found.
Feb 18, 99-Michael Cassidy: Need Help with Time Server for e-mail to be sent with correct date
Feb 18, 99-Michael Planchart: Here's some time servers from the Teknema manual
Feb 18, 99-William Woods: But... time servers don't work on the Daewoo unit!
Feb 16, 99-Michael Planchart: Overruling default parameters on a Teknema SetTopBox
Feb 17, 99-William Woods: Are you running a Daewoo Box and OS?
Feb 17, 99-Michael Planchart: No, running Teknema
Feb 17, 99-Cris Mooney: Here are some Teknema OS updates
Feb 17, 99-William Woods: Here is the latest Teknema OS update
Feb 18, 99-Michael Cassidy: Specific system setup directions
Feb 15, 99-William Woods: Welcome!
Feb 15, 99-Cris Mooney: Welcome to the Set Top Box mailing list

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