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Why the "white space" at the bottom of some pages (like the  list archive)?

Pages that have "named anchors" (e.g. <a NAME="link_destination"></a>, also called a target) within them need to have a enough space at the bottom so that all browsers can scroll each "target-anchor" to the top of the page when a link jumps to the anchor. If there is not enough page space below an anchor, then jumping into the page using that target anchor may not place the anchor at the top of the page (at least in some browsers). This would be an inconsitent, and confusing interface for the user. For example: this bad link to a named anchor below should place the text "White Space For Anchors" at the top of the page, but instead puts it at the bottom of the page since there is no white space below it; on the other hand, this good link puts "Why the..." right at the top of the page since there is plenty of white below.

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White space for anchors, read me.