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This web site is created for, Daewoo Set Top Box Model DSN-300 owners, so that we can help each other. This is not an official site of Daewoo, nor do I build or sell units (I just own one). This site may also be of use to potential buyers; however, I do not have any more information than is listed on these pages, and I do not know where you can buy the units. For the most part, the only source seems to be online auctions, and you might try (if you really want one of these deadbeat things)..

The Daewoo Set Top Box DSN-300 (also called Green Net.TopBox & iNet.Top.Box), is a black box, based on Teknema hardware, that provides Internet access using your TV and any Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • What is it? and Who am I?
  • Specifications & upgrade info
  • Gotchas after buying
  • Win9x VGA-NTSC Driver
  • General Setup (with time servers)
  • Shutting up the dialing sound!
  • Daewoo basic info FAQ
  • What do I think about it?
  • Rebuild your dead system
  •  03/23/04 - NEWS: Linux?

    8/15/99 - NEWS: New software
    in development for DSN-500/700
    (more info here)

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    If you are considering buying a Set Top Box, you might visit Ruel's Site first (he specifically discussed "Teknema design" boxes here, but all his site is relevant), and this Dec 1998 set-top war article (found by Alan Dennill). You should also poke around at AllNetDevices, which has a list of the Set Top Boxes they know about.

    Where do you get the DSN-300? It's hard to find. I bought one of these units from OnSale.COM ($91 plus $17.50 S&H), Total = $108.50 (order & shipping info). This page that used to be here at Teknema was directed at ISP's and thus indicate that the box was intended to be a value added unit, and thus only available from your ISP (their site is under reconstruction). So, I don't know where you buy one, try

    This web site applies specifically to the Daewoo unit, model DSN-300A. There are other models by Daewoo, and other units from other companies (WebPal, some feedback here) based on the same basic Teknema (one Teknema for sale here) hardware. Moreover, there may be unique designs from other companies that do the same thing. I can't speak for these other units, though some of the info may apply. I do know that new software is in development for DSN-500/700, but I do not yet own one of these units (more info here).

    If anyone has a WebPal made by NewCom, (thanks to Alan Dennill for locating this unit, some feedback here) or any other non-ISP dependent box (based on the Teknema hardware or not, like WebSurfer), please let me know if it works better. WebTV, has forced ISP requirements, so I could care less about it.
    In short, the Internet TV has a very good picture, the browser interface has very many good features, and the IR remote control/keyboard is very good... but the installed software sucks. The default "GreenTech" installed system hangs a fair amount while browsing, won't display some pages, I can't get its email to work, and there is no off-line email/browsing despite claims by OnSale.COM. More info here.
    However, it's not as bad if you update your software by using the web browser to goto the URL (thanks to William Woods for finding this):


    More information about update here.

    GreenTech discontinued support for the system's software back in 1997 according to their techincal support by phone, and so far will offer no technical support. I have sent mail to the contact address "" listed on the web page, and directed it to "Alex", the president. I asked if we could work something out that might help us lost soles help ourselves. Mail was sent Jan 7, 1999, and no response has come back.

    About Support : If you call Daewoo support 1-800-453-3568, the fellow that answers claims he is the telcom division, that they don't make that unit, and that he doesn't know a thing about it (he also claims he gets 50 calls a day about the unit). After pressing, he gave me a number of Daewoo Electronics, 1-800-323-9668, I called and picked "English" and "Support", the phone rang for 20 rings and hung up on me.<bgsound src="Welcome.wav">

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