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The following page was captured from somewhere - I can't recall where. I didn't write it; I think the original manufacturers did. But, it all appears correct.

Teknema Internet TV

Set-Top Box Configuration

Before doing anything, you must be able to see the Internet TV's video signal on your television. To do so, you must have selected the "video channel" on your TV. Most TV sets and their remote control have a button for switching between TV and Video. Make sure you have the video channel selected in order to view the signal on the television screen. If your TV has an S-video input, we recommend that you use the S-video cable since it gives the best display. Only one of the two video cables needs to be used. You may want to refer to the manual at this time to see how to set up the different cables.

If you have any problems or questions in setting up the Internet TV or connecting to your Internet service, please email us at: [Mooney - I doubt this is worth your effort]

The evaluation unit you have received is not pre-configured for connecting to the Internet. To set-up the unit, use the manual set-up mode and enter the Set-up function by typing CTRL-ALT-S on your keyboard from the welcome screen, or by clicking the Enter button on the remote control with the pointer in the upper-left corner of the welcome screen (close to the Teknema logo).

The Teknema Internet TV Set-Top Box is an open architecture box. It does not require any proprietary software on your servers, and it can connect to any router and hub that supports PAP or CHAP for user authentication.

The following parameters are required in the Set-up record:


DO NOT ENTER ANY INFORMATION IN THE GATEWAY FIELD -- this is only for Ethernet models that are on a LAN (Intranet).


At the moment, do not use DNS Address 2 through DNS Address 4, as they are not active. If your server machine does not run a Time Server, use one of the following:;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Some of these Time Servers might not work properly sometimes, so make sure it works before leaving it as the Time Server for your box or those of your customers.

More Time Servers can be found at
[Mooney Jan 2002 - list captured here"]

Leave the CHAP Server parameter empty to use the default PAP protocol for authentication. At this time there is no support for old style, manual login procedure. To use CHAP, specify the name of the CHAP authentication server in the proper place. When a CHAP server is specified, the CHAP protocol is tried first and then it falls back into PAP.

If one of the required parameters is missing or incorrect, the unit will hang while attempting to connect to the router or to load the home page. If the Email server and account information is missing the system will hang trying to get into the Email function.

If this happens, turn the unit off and then back on by pressing the Power button on the Remote or the Shift+Power keys on the keyboard and re-enter the manual set-up. If the unit hangs during the power off/on sequence, reset the unit by disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply plug.

To store the configuration record into flash memory, click on the Done button.

The Reset button will erase the configuration record altogether. This ensures that a new configuration record can be entered starting from a clean situation. It is also used to reset the first-time-activation flag, and a different first screen is presented for automatic configuration of the unit. You can ignore that screen for now and proceed with the manual set-up as indicated above.

Once in the set-up, go through the different sections of the configuration dialogs. For more information of the set-up process, please refer to the Reference section on page 18 of the User's Guide. Note that some of the Set-Up fields and some features have changed since the manual you have was printed.

Automatic Configuration Service

Although the set-top box is always configurable with the manual procedure indicated, the software is also capable of downloading a configuration record from a Web server. This capability, combined with a server set-up at Teknema, allows automatic and seamless activation set-up of the set-top box.

An optional Automatic Configuration Service will be offered to Teknema ISP customers as part of the ISP Kit. Please consider that the automatic activation procedure and the dedicated Teknema server, are deployed to serve and help ISPs who install substantial numbers of set-top boxes and who do not intend to go through the manual installation procedure for every box. Please get in touch with us regarding the details of the Automatic Configuration Service and the deployment of units that use it. We will in any case email you more detailed information on the Automatic Configuration Service as soon as we activate it.

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